The competition for buying a house in Texas is tough. Having an experienced Texas realtor is crucial to guide you through the process of successfully buying a home in North Texas. That’s why clients trust Sara Smith to lead them on their home buying journey.  If you are looking for an expert in North Texas real estate, you will be in good hands with Sara. Contact her today!



Congratulations are in order! Preparing to buy a house for the first time can feel overwhelming, but it is worth the process. You can pat yourself on the back for even considering buying a home, as a lot of planning and knowledge goes into starting the home buying journey. As a first-time buyer, Sara is here to guide you with her online resources in navigating the world of North Texas real estate. Check out the list below for things to keep in mind when you’re beginning the home buying process:

Get Pre-Approved

  • Before you start looking up houses and scheduling tours, you need to get pre-approved by a mortgage lender. This will help you know your budget range and what you need to put for a down payment. In addition, this gives you the ability to obtain a prequalification letter, which is necessary to put an offer down for a house. (Note: you cannot put an offer down without this letter. Please save yourself the heartache of losing out on a house because you did not get prequalified initially!)
  • Keep in mind that pre-approvals are only good for 90 days. Once it expires, the lender will have to pull your credit again in order to get a new prequalification letter.

Budget Wisely

  • Find out how much you will need for your down payment. Most first-time homebuyers put down less than 20%, but you need to speak with your lender about which loans you qualify for and what percent they require.
  • Use a mortgage calculator to help prepare for the costs of being a homeowner. Make sure you’re able to comfortably pay your full mortgage amount including taxes and insurance. P.S. It’s recommended that your mortgage payment be 28% or less of your monthly gross income.
  • Don’t forget about closing costs! Not only do you need money for the down payment, but you also need to save 2-5% of the purchase price of your home for closing costs. Closing costs for North Texas real estate average $2,186.

Spend Wisely

  • Your credit score will be under scrutiny throughout the home buying process. It is recommended you do not do the following until after you close on a house:
    1. Sign up for a new credit card or close a line of credit
    2. Buy a new car
    3. Become a co-signer for anyone
    4. Buy furniture or goods on credit
    5. Move around money

Determine What You Want in a Home

  • Make your list of must-haves, which can include:
    • Specific communities, school districts, or areas
    • Minimum square footage
    • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Commute distance
    • HOA fee limits

Choose Your Real Estate Agent

  • Choose a North Texas real estate agent that is familiar with the market. Sara has over 15 years of experience as a realtor and is knowledgeable about the DFW metroplex.

Start Touring!

  • Once you complete the above steps, then Sara can start scheduling showings.
  • Take notes of each house you see and its positive/negative qualities to adjust your must-haves list.
  • If you’re keen on a house, then make sure to look for the following before putting an offer in:
    1. Any cracks in the foundation (North Texas real estate experts know that this is crucial while home shopping. Foundation fixes can be some of the priciest home repairs that are common in this area!)
    2. Stains on walls or ceilings
    3. Signs of damage on the roof
    4. Peeling paint, rotting wood, cracks, or other signs of decay


Are you ready to dive into the market again?

Luckily, you’ve already been through the home buying process and know what to expect. It’s okay to be a little pickier this time around now that you’re a current homeowner. Keep in mind your needs as you browse around our featured listings!

When you’re ready to tour, Sara is here to help you as one of the top North Texas real estate agents. The real estate landscape is constantly changing, and Sara stays up-to-date with all the latest market trends and news. That’s why repeat buyers trust her knowledge when it comes to purchasing in the North Texas real estate market.


Buying a home is a big investment and one that Sara does not take lightly. She will ensure you walk away from the home buying process feeling satisfied and confident in your purchase. Your dream home is out there waiting for you; let Sara help you find it.

Firsthand Access to MLS
If you want to be more involved in the home buying process, Sara can give you unlimited access to the MLS app. This is where the most accurate and up-to-date data about the market is shared by North Texas real estate agents. Each day, the MLS app has new homes listed, which helps you beat out the competition and find a place to call home faster. As you “favorite” your top properties, Sara will pull more information about the home’s details and valuable information about the neighborhood such as comps.
Absolute Dedication

You are Sara’s number one priority, and she is ready to help you in every step of your home buying journey in the North Texas real estate market. Not only will she help you get the best deal possible, but she will also go above and beyond in attending property inspections, handling all paperwork related to the sale, and more. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands when working with Sara.

Negotiating the Best Deal!
There is no North Texas real estate agent who is more determined than Sara to secure you the best deal for your next home. She understands that investing in a home can be one of the biggest purchases of your life. By using comparative analysis of the surrounding homes, she can help determine if your home will hold its value over time and give you a strong ROI with her research. When it comes time to sell, you can be confident that her expertise served you well.


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